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University of Verona

Università degli Studi di Verona is one of largest universities in the north-eastern Italy. The Department of Computer Science of this University is a young department constituted in 2000. However, this Department has been ranked for the third consecutive year the first computer science department of Italy by an official analysis of CENSIS (the national centre for statistical analysis of the society). The twinning partner of the CREDES project is the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) research group of the Department, led by Prof. Franco Fummi. The group was established in 1999 and it is currently composed of 3 professors, 3 PhD students and 5 research scientists, while almost 10 new graduate students are involved in the projects every year and it has already produced more than 200 publications in the field of electronic systems design. Its main research activities concern system verification, system synthesis and optimization with an assessed knowledge on hardware description languages, testing, power consumption and language abstraction. It is currently involved in two European projects (FP6-2005-IST-5-033506 (ANGEL), FP6-2005-IST-5-033709 (VERTIGO), one project co-funded by the Italian Government, two projects joining university and its territory and four industrial research activities.